The holidays are upon us once again, which means that it’s time for our:

Second Annual Lonely Palette Year-End Listener Patreon Challenge!




If I get 25 new Patreon patrons between November 12th and December 31st (that’s 160 total), I will produce a bonus episode on the ill-fated restoration of the Ecce Homo fresco, the world’s greatest droopy-faced saint and my avatar for most things internet.


We’ve done it!

We’ve hit 25 (and then some!) with two weeks to spare! Jeezum, you guys are great. Ecce Homo is a go in the new year, and keep in mind that you can STILL get in on the cross-stitch giveaway (details below!) until December 31st!


So why 25?

My husband, lovable data-driven math nerd that he is, recently calculated that between writing, recording, editing, transcribing, and hustling, each episode takes approximately 25 hours to produce. I know, it freaked me out too. Those also happen to be 25 fairly solitary hours. So think of every patron as my own personal cheerleader, cheering me on, one hour at a time, towards the finish line of accessible aural art history joy.

Any giveaways I should know about?

YES! If you pledge at $5 per episode or higher, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a framed, handmade cross-stitch of the Ecce Homo care of local Somerville artist Purgatory LTD because GOD KNOWS you need this bad boy hanging in your foyer.


But aren’t I kind of a jerk if I only give you like $1 or $2 an episode?

Hardly! Any seasoned Patreoner will tell you that it’s better to have lots of people pledging small amounts than a few big-ticket donors… who could quite reasonably decide at any time to call it quits, and then the pooch is screwed. Every little bit counts is what I’m saying, and is so appreciated.

How often do you release? How much am I really committing to?

Excellent question. My goal is around 12 episodes a year; sometimes I do more, and some years, like this one, it was a little less. Supporting per episode is equivalent to monthly support. $2 per episode would come to around $24 per year, less than you spent on the fees for when you forgot stuff in Lyfts, let’s be honest.

Supporting the show feels good and all, but having a water bottle would feel better.

Indeed it would! Head on over to The Lonely Palette’s Patreon page to check out all the swag you will get based on the tier you select.

But podcasts are free! That’s, like, the whole point!

Ah, my friend, free to consume, but not free to produce. The Lonely Palette has been an incredible part of my life the last few years, and I’m looking forward to many more… which means that I flat-out need financial support. The more you donate, the more time I can buy to create more content. For you! For us! And you get to be a part of that, for cheap!

Well I’m sold. Where do I sign up again?


And thank you so much.